Story about "MedBox Mask" 

“Med” – the high standard “Medical” masks

The 3-layer MedBox Mask meet EN14683 IIR and ASTM Level 3 standards for its excellent technical performance, including over 98% BFE (Bacterial filtration efficiency) and PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency). Our masks can block out pollen, droplets, flu, SARS and other kinds of bacteria effectively,  safeguarding Hong Kongers’ health with full protection.


“Box” – One “Box” for All 

Although the current supply of masks is stable, the quality of some masks are below standards. With the aim of serving Hong Kong people, MedBox Mask set up a local production line in Hong Kong, and sell masks specially designed for Hong Kong people at low prices. We hope that every household has sufficient and high-quality masks to walk through the adversity.

<img src="Mask-production-line.jpeg" alt="口罩生產線">